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Personal Training

Free Online Consultation

I provide a free 1-hour online consultation with you. This will cover all necessary basic information I require about you, like body composition, medical history and fitness goals. You can arrange for an in-person appointment too, as part of the One-Time Pass.

Gold's Gym @ Tanjong Pagar

I've joined up with a team of trainers in Gold's Gym @ Tanjong Pagar so that I have a physical and central location to conduct in-person gym training. They have free weights and calisthenics equipment, you'll be spoiled for choice. I also conduct online exercise via Zoom, which is the cheapest option.

Convenient Date / Time

Let's be realistic, I have a calendar that is dotted with social appointments and a flexi-hour full-time job (maybe so do you). We will compare weekly schedules and see what works for you. But I'll be at Gold's Gym 6.30pm - 9.30pm from Wed - Sun.

One minute is all you need to get your body moving and lithe again. From basic low-intensity movements, I'll show you some ways to progress to high-intensity fast-paced exercises.

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DANCE FITNESS (Workout & MV Choreographies)
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Can't hit the club or join the dance workout with the ladies? Turn up the music at home and sweat it out to these awesome beats. Learn the moves to the industry's latest Music Videos or get my version of its choreography.

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Body weight workouts are the way to go now. With limited access to workout equipment, as long as you have a mat, you're good to go!

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Kickboxing has now become more fun with this exciting 150 BPM medium-to-high intensity workout!

Train your coordination and balance while learning basic kickboxing moves, and thumping to the beat.



Kylie is a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable personal trainer whom I will recommend to anyone who wants to improve in their physical fitness level.


I have been wanting to go on an exercise program as I wanted to work on my flexibility, strength and stamina. I was a bit lost as to how to do it. My friend introduced me to Kylie. We met up for personal coaching sessions. Kylie was thorough in her initial assessment of my fitness level. She then taught me exercises that I could do to stretch my muscles. What was helpful was when she taught me how to use the various gym equipment that suited me. I then became less afraid of going to the gym.

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Olive, O'lively English
arrow&v | +65-83589451

118A Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088531

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