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Nice of you to drop in!


There's nothing like the community spirit for ladies to help other ladies stay fit and fab. At my women-only fitness concept, you'll learn to become nutritionally sound and fighting fit as you drop those kilos, and have fun doing it!

I'm your coach Kylie. I'm certified NCSF Personal Trainer. I've conducted workouts in group and personal settings the last couple of years in Singapore, helping individuals to manage their weight through healthy eating and physical activity.

Being asthmatic, I ran the rat race in the corporate world for 5 years and it took a toll on my health. Hence in the last couple of years, I've learnt the importance of diet and exercise and how vital it is for a long-term healthy lifestyle. I built my body whilst helping others along the way.


Developing perseverance and discipline is invaluable in everyday life. Through this self-awareness and personal discovery, I've matured as a person and have learnt to face my fears head-on.

Some of my favourite workouts through the years have been Zumba, HIITs, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and kickboxing (from when I dabbled in Karate and Muay Thai). Outdoor sports that pique my adrenaline are mountain biking, road cycling, hiking and sometimes trail running (especially during the Covid Closure).

I hope to bring together women who have a passion for a healthy lifestyle for themselves, their families and community. This is a platform to grow your own network, and even learn about new business opportunities.

Contact me for a free wellness evaluation! This will kickstart your programme to a healthier and happier you.



In this 1-hour webinar, I break down some stigma about personal training for women through this consultation. Note that while the wellness evaluation process remains the same, the promotions will have changed.