Bike Adventures around Singapore

Bike Adventures around Singapore

Bike Adventures around Singapore

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Singapore has its nooks and crannies that have yet to be explored. From the full length Park Connector Network (PCN) to the hidden gems of Lim Chu Kang and Labrador Park, so on. Afraid of the public transport? Just get a set of wheels and start rolling.

How Cats Ruin My Workouts

Working from home has its conveniences and benefits. They also include factors out of your control. If it's not the curious kids, it's the needy cats. And they get a glimpse of your work life too, which is an exciting new aspect of you they get to learn.


Here's how working out from home with cats looks like for me.

The Great Outdoors - From Singapore to New Zealand

(before Covid Closure)

Born with osteogenesis imperfecta (or brittle bone disease), he has a shorter leg, and yet kept an active lifestyle, enough to sustain certain injuries over the years.


I met Faliq Sharif (you can find him on FB) during an SGTrek trip to Malaysia a few years back before he disappeared into the wilds of New Zealand. He's been having the time of his life exploring the unique landscapes of God's country and conquering peaks and immersing in the cool climate there. Covid Closure stopped foreign travel, so I got to catch up with him. He claimed he'd have rather spent Ramadan in Singapore anyway, and he got his wish.


Cycling the JB-Singapore Customs (before Covid Closure)

This was the mad rush from Johor back to Singapore before the Covid closure shut JB-Singapore borders from 18 March 2020.

I wanted to make this an instructional for cycling across the causeway, but there are some exceptions because of the jams. I hope those I met along the way made it through alright too.

Exploring MacRitchie on Foot (before Covid Closure)

Being a nature lover, I took a hike from Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 down to a forested area before MacRitchie Reservoir, and that's where I spied some wild boars roaming the wet forest that evening. It was a mother and her baby!

General rule of thumb, do not approach or go near to them to intrude on their territory. I was short-sighted and couldn't see well in the dim forest shadows that she had offspring, so that was not so smart to stay there.